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request for drawings note me or donate
I planning on making a contest so help :D

25 points Mizuki Saruwatari (sketch) by Dav69

50 points Madotsuki Umbrella Effect by Dav69

75 points Morgana by Dav69

100 points Gohan (Zenkai Power) by Dav69

101+ (draw anything you want)

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Ron Swanson WIP by Dav69
Ron Swanson WIP
Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation airing on NBC. One my favorite characters in sitcom besides George Costanza and Jerry Seinfeld. Ron pretty a high leveled masculine person you'll ever meet, loves hunter, meat, outdoors, and breakfast food. His also carpenter which pretty awesome in my book. I just want him to pour all his manliness all over me...ahm...ok that was disturbing D: but you get the picture. In the show he has the must funniest moments even his appearance makes me laugh I think comedians who just makes you laugh with their body language is ever impressive. 

I probably finish this when I finish my other request :D I still have lots to do 

Ron Swanson is portrayed by Nick Offerman.

Created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur.

Parks and Recreation own by NBC

Colossal Titan by Dav69
Colossal Titan
Drew a fan art of Attack on Titan jejejejeje it's alike a semi sketched colored hybrid which to advantage of the color pallet in order to make the smoke come out if it's body.

Drawn by Me

Attack on Titan own by Kodansha Ltd.

Btw thanks for the fav in advance


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United States

Hello I'm Dav69 my other stuff
:iconskypeplz: dav69_skype

this girl that loves link :iconpandyval:
the dude that dating the girl that loves link :iconzen1609:
some girl that I'm having class this fall :iconkagomexxxsesshomaru:
some girl that lives in san luis but never meet but she's cool :iconkiamoon:
This girl is the best :iconharleyonasi:
another friend in deviantart she super cool :icono0essa0o:
esta nomas habla espaņol :iconlila-varney:

Profile picture made by :iconaskfp: check her stuff out
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1. What's your favorite color?
~ Indigo
2. Which anime character would you fight?
~ Kaname Kuran to show him want a really vampire is.
3. Ps3 or Xbox?
~I not own a console but it will Ps3 for the win.
4. What's your favorite element?
~Plutonium to blow up stuff jejeje
5. If you were given any power, which would you have?
~teleportation so I can travel any where I want.
6. If I hugged you irl....^^ What's your response?
~be like wtf men, have alittle respect for yourself lol jk
7. Tell me....your funniest moment.
~When a teacher started to make Donald Duck and the guy was huge jajajajaj hilarious.
8. Oh shit!!!! It's Yuno Gasai!!!!!! 0_0
~Who that bitch?
9. How much do you admire/like/love me?^^
~this can see my hands so its rather pointless to show you.
10. Here's cookies and hot chocolate.
You had me in cookies.

My stupid questions.
1. If you had to make hybrid animal with will two you pick and why?
2. If your head had to be attached to someone who will it be and why?
3. Boobies or butts (you have to pick one I know we all want the combo deal but that ain't gonna happen here)?
4. What kind of music are you into like genre wise?
5. Spooky Scary Skeletons _______?
6. If you see me doing the boogie will ya join me or not D: ?
7. Finish the lyrics: I ate some bugs, I  are some grass, I used my hand, to wipe my ______
8. Can you describe your weirdest dream you ever had in detial?
9. Pick your pokemon: Treeko, Torchic, Mudkip. *just pick one*
10. What is always coming but never arrives?

My victims jejejejeje
:iconlea-loo: got ya
:iconpandyval: you too

No tag backs I'm pure evil :iconlaughsplz:
  • Listening to: Interpol
  • Reading: Lyrics
  • Watching: Watamote
  • Playing: Final Fantasy III
  • Eating: Ants
  • Drinking: Lots of water

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